New Phase of Industrial Park Dedicated


Hundreds of jobs in Henderson’s future as city leaders dedicate a new site on the Henderson Riverfront.

Phase four of the riverfront master plan dedicated this afternoon on Borax Drive.

In this field lies the dreams of a better economic future for Henderson.

“It won’t be a cornfield for long,” says Henderson Mayor Steve Austin.

The 126 acre site, the fourth phase for the Henderson riverfront, can hold up to eight businesses, and room for trails and other activities. It’s a site Austin says could bring in up to a thousand more jobs for the local economy. Jobs which Senator Mitch McConnell says could help offset losses in the coal industry over the years.

“The coal industry has really taken a turn for the worse during the Obama years, and we need to make up for those lost jobs as best as we can,” says Sen. McConnell.

“You just have to have the exact right location which we think we have, but then you have to have the right company come in. And there’s a lot of opportunies,” adds Mayor Austin.

Austin says any company locating at the new site can benefit from some of the lowest utility rates in the commonwealth. Any new jobs and businesses likely won’t be arriving here for several years. The final site layout, still must be decided on before construction can start.

“Next stop: jobs,” Austin says.

As for preparing the site, Austin says work on this site could start as early as the end of this year.

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