Newburgh Considers Ordinance to Ban Children from Playing in Street

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Newburgh Town Council is considering an ordinance that may limit children from playing in the streets.

It’s a simple game with a simple goal. But a simple complaint from Windsor Pointe neighbor Sandra Wells is prompting a simple response.

“I think it’s stupid,” says Nicole Polley, who lives in the subdivision.

Wells brought her concerns to the town in January, and council tabled a draft of an ordinance Monday that was modeled after one from Indianapolis.

Wells says kids playing basketball in the street is becoming a nuisance.

“She’s afraid someone’s going to get hurt,” Newburgh Town Manager, Christy Powell says.

But some neighbors say it’s going too far.

“We grew up playing in the streets as kids,” Polley says, “We ran in the neighborhood, we rode our bikes in the streets, we played basketball.”

Powell adds banning children from playing isn’t the goal, and the town leadership is going back to the drawing board to potentially craft a new ordinance that will address Wells’ concerns.

“I do not believe the intention of the council is to outlaw children playing in the streets,” says Powell.

Newburgh officials hope to use data collected from a radar sign in the neighborhood to count cars and record speeds, to help decide if a change is needed.

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