NEWBURGH, Ind. (WEHT) – A Newburgh restaurant must tear down its patio and is also facing other setbacks.

Officials with Nellie’s Restaurant announced on Facebook that the patio must be torn down. While Nellie’s Restaurant didn’t mention who was making them tear the patio down, they did bring up that mistakes were made. They hope one day this other party will someday let them put another patio up.

“We are very frustrated with this, it seems this year we’ve just had to go through so many obstacles.” A spokesperson for Nellie’s Restaurant wrote on Facebook.

They also shared that no progress has been made on NewBurger either. Reports say they’ve done everything they were supposed to do and are waiting on others to do their part.

Nellie’s Restaurant also mentioned they have yet been allowed to put up a new sign. The spokesperson for the restaurant said they guessed there was a flood years ago and all the paperwork was ruined, but they assure people they are still trying.

Nellie’s Restaurant thanked customers for all their support and loyalty throughout the years.