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On Friday, Nexstar Broadcasting celebrates 20 years of serving the community. And in return, Nexstar employees including Eyewitness News will be serving those who’ve dedicated their lives to serving others.

Delores Slaughter has lived at her home for six months, while she’s looking for a room of her own.

“If you come here with the idea that you want housing,” said Slaughter, “the world’s your oyster. If you determine for this not to happen again, they’re doing a great job.”

“There’s easily been 3,000 people helped by the House of Bread and Peace,” said Executive Director Sarah Wolf.

The House of Bread and Peace is an emergency shelter for women and has serve the Tri-State for 31 years.

“These are normal people,” said Wolf. “They’re our sisters, our daughters, our mothers, granddaughters who’ve had hard times for one reason or another.”

About 15 minutes away is St. Vincent Center for Children and Families, which prepares Tri-State children for success in school and in life for 98 years.

“This is a well-used hallway,” said Executive Director Kim Mulfinger. “Last year, we served 170 children, so 170 kids and parents are through our building every single day.”

Both St. Vincent and the House of Bread and Peace have been helping the community for decades. On Friday, Eyewitness News be helping them. Our employees will be helping paint the halls of St. Vincent, allowing the center to spend more resources on bettering their programs.

“More materials in classrooms, equipment for classrooms, equipment in playgrounds, for books,” said Mulfinger.

And we’ll also be helping the House of Bread and Peace by cleaning and fixing up their campus.

“Almost feel like we won the shelter makeover day,” said Wolf, “or something like that.”

It’s our way of helping those who’ve dedicated their lives to helping others.

“You almost can’t describe it,” said Wolf, “and it’s just the right thing to do.”

“I’ve been able to save me enough to get me an apartment,” said Slaughter. “So now, I’m looking for housing. And I couldn’t have did it nowhere other than here.”

Helping those like Delores get back on their feet.

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