Oakland City trio trying to recover after post-party shooting


OAKLAND CITY, Ind. (WEHT)- A week after a terrifying night in Oakland City, Matthew Miller, Shawn Vidiella, and Richard Vidiella are still trying to understand what led to someone shooting at them following an argument at a Halloween party.

One man, former Oakland City police officer Donald Carlisle, stands charged with attempted murder in connection to the incident. Shawn Vidiella says she can’t understand what could’ve been so bad that would cause someone to shoot at them, adding they are still suffering days after the attack.

Shawn Vidiella recalled the chaotic scene, saying she didn’t immediately realize what was happening, noting she wasn’t sure if her husband, Richard, had been shot. While the three are physically fine, Miller says they’re still struggling mentally since the incident. Miller also says he hasn’t slept soundly all week and wakes up, still hearing the gunshots.

Miller says he’s concerned about a potential conflict of interest, considering Carlisle’s past in law enforcement. Gibson County Prosecutor Michael Cochren says his office conducts conflict of interest checks for every case they handle. Still, Richard Videlia says he hopes Carlisle “gets everything” he deserves.

Donald Carlisle declined to be interviewed for this story.

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