Ofc. Morris interviewed by KSP, home owner recalls incident

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New details tonight in the investigation of the Owensboro Police officer shot nearly two weeks ago.

Kentucky State Police say investigators interviewed Officer Zach Morris about what happened on Hathaway Street on October 10th.

Meanwhile, the home owner who shot him talks about what happened that morning.

Nearly two weeks after the shooting near his Hathaway Street home, David Turley can recall those events.

“He got a flashlight over and that was lopped over like this on his left hand,” he recalled. He claims Officer Morris fired two shots first before he fired his pistol through his fence, adding officer morris had his hands over his fence, and claims officer morris didn’t verbally identify himself as an Owensboro Police officer.

“As I approached, there were no words spoken to me,” Turley says. “It was just, within 10 feet, all I could hear was, ‘POW!’ ‘POW!’ right in my face. I had no idea who did it. All I’d know at the time was I was fearing for my life, so I fired back.”

“As soon as I went back in to the house, I put the gun back on the table, called 911, and that’s when we looked out front, tried to wave them over there to us,” he adds.

Turley says it was dark enough to where he couldn’t see anything clearly, and he was also unable to see much through this fence.

“It being dark and all, it just didn’t illuminate enough to see,” says Turley.

After police arrived, Turley says they shot one of his dogs, as they responded to the shooting.

“She was more of a pit bull mix and she was trying to protect the kids,” Turley said, describing what the dog was doing at the time. “I can understand them having to do that, even though it could’ve been handled a little bit different.” Turley called the whole ordeal terrifying and is still troubled by what happened that morning. He also says he wouldn’t have shot officer morris if he knew who he was.

“I understand being scared, he’s been on the job for two years, but man, I apologize with everything. I’m just so sorry this ever had to happen,” says Turley.

Kentucky State Police also say they’re still looking to interview more witnesses as part of their investigation.

No charges have been filed against either party.

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(This story was originally published on October 22, 2018)

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