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Officer Phillip Meacham laid to rest

A Hopkinsville police officer is laid to rest nearly a week after he was killed.


Funeral services were held this morning for Officer Phillip Meacham at Christian County High School.


Hundreds of police officers and other first responders attended services at the high school two decades ago. For family, friends and fellow officers, it's a day to remember his service to his community.


"It's been very quiet. Very shocking about Officer Meacham. The community is saddened about it," said Felicia Coleman of Hopkinsville.


On this quiet day in Hopkinsville, a community mourns and reflects about the officer who served and protected Hopkinsville. The man who cared about his community and his family.


"Very caring individual, and obviously willing to respond to a need," says Tammy Staley, who knew the Meachams. Staley works at the school Meacham's daughter attends. "He was a delightful gentleman, absolutely adored his wife and daughter."


"It really hits you because that sort of attack feels closer to you and closer to our families and closer to our community because it's here, and it's not in some off distant place you can't relate too,' added State Sen. Whitney Westerfield, R-Christian County.


Officer Meacham spent more than a decade with both Hopkinsville Police and the Christian County Sheriff's Department. Law enforcement officers from as far as Evansville, Lexington, and Clarksville, Tennessee, led the way to his final resting place, with people lining the way, paying their last respects.  He's remembered as a delightful man by some, quiet by others, but those who knew him will remember him for his service.


"He will be missed," says Coleman.


Meacham is survived by his wife, daughter, and his parents.


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(This story was originally published April 4, 2018)

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