Officer ‘Shocked’ by Discovery of Deceased Dog in Plastic Bucket

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Henderson County Animal Control officers made a disturbing discovery Wednesday morning outside their facility as a deceased dog was found wrapped in plastic and stuffed in a dingy plastic bucket. Officers are trying to identify the person who callously tried to illegally dispose of the animal.

Identified as a three to four-year-old female beagle, the dog was dead before it was dropped off at the Henderson County Humane Society some time between 7 pm and 7:30 pm Tuesday night, according to Animal Control Officer Katie Crooks. The dog did not have any visible signs of trauma, which leads Crooks to believe it wasn’t hit by a car. Additionally, Crooks found straw or hay around the beagle’s mouth and paws which suggests it died in a hutch before being taken to the humane society.

The animal was wrapped in a plastic bag of some kind before being stuffed inside a faded pink bucket with a ‘Pep Boys’ logo on the front.

“Shock, I was initially shocked. How could you do that? How could somebody do that? It’s not the proper thing to do. It’s actually pretty cruel to do something like that,” Crooks said. “The wrong way and the illegal way to drop off any animal alive or deceased is after hours.”

While the Henderson County Humane Society accepts deceased animals for proper disposal, it only does so during business hours. Dropping off a deceased animal after business hours is considered animal cruelty, Crooks said. There’s even a sign on the front of the building warning people against doing so.

After Crooks and fellow Animal Control Officer Bridget Kilgore began the grim task of inspecting the deceased beagle, they noticed signs which suggested the dog was used for continuous breeding.

Beagles are considered one of the most popular breeds used for hunting.

The dog also had two large tumors, one of which was roughly the size of a fist.

“There’s an indication of neglect on that part. Most people would take it to the vet and get it taken care of,” Crooks said. “That [tumor] has probably been growing for quite some time. My heart broke seeing an animal like that.”

“[The dog] has been sick for a while. Instead of someone comforting her, loving her, they waited for her to die in a box with either straw or hay,” Kilgore said. “They picked her up and threw her in a box and brought her here. Absolutely disgusting.”

Crooks and Kilgore have combed through the facility’s surveillance cameras in hopes the footage would lead them to whomever illegally disposed of the animal. Unfortunately, just a small part of the car is visible through the rain.

If you have any information, contact the Henderson County Humane Society or Henderson Police.

Click here to go to the Henderson County Humane Society’s Facebook page.

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