POSEY COUNTY, Ind (WEHT) – Officials are warning there may be some problems with some of the absentee ballots in Posey County.

Absentee ballots are required to be signed by one Democrat and one Republican before they leave the election office, but officials say there was a four day period in which around 100 ballots were sent out with only one signature. If a ballot is opened on Tuesday, and it only has one signature, it will be considered void and not counted.

Officials say the following options are available for voters in Posey County who are concerned about their absentee ballot not being counted:

  • If your ballot has already been mailed in, you can go to the election office and have your ballot pulled and destroyed, and you will receive a new ballot.
  • If your ballot has not been mailed, you can go to the election office and have your old ballot voided and either vote early with a new ballot or vote on election day.

Officials ask anyone who can not get out to the election office to contact them and have a travel team sent with a new ballot.