OWENSBORO, Ky. (WEHT) – The Public Life Foundation of Owenboro (PLFO) is sponsoring a community-wide survey to identify the most important priorities of local citizens.

Officials with PLFO say the short survey will allow every resident to provide direct input on the issues in the Greater Owensboro region that would benefit from greater public attention. The survey is being operated by Polco, a nationally-recognized public engagement organization.

A news release says the first community-wide survey will be available to the public through September 21. To participate, residents should go to this website. Officials say once residents have answered the questions, residents will be asked to provide their ZIP code to confirm where they live. This allows the PLFO to be sure they are hearing from each person only once and to see which general area of the city respondents live in. Responses will remain anonymous, and personal information will be securely stored by Polco.

“We want to take the pulse of Greater Owensboro,” said Dave Boeyink, chair of Public Life’s board. “What local issues are high on the public’s agenda?” Boeyink noted that PLFO is particularly interested in where early childhood education stands on the community’s list of priorities.

PLFO says residents can choose to provide an email address to Polco, which will allow PLFO to easily contact them with future questions. This service is free to all residents.