Ohio County Rest Stop Closes Abruptly

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At 3 p.m. Sunday, the Ohio County Travel Center closed its doors for the last time.

For years, the Beaver Dam rest stop has been a popular place to fill up, get a coffee, or a bite to eat at Arby’s.

The rest stop is conveniently nestled near the crossing of the Western Kentucky and Natcher Parkways.

“Stopped here a lot over the years, going east to Louisville, and to Lexington too,” Steve Kelsey said.

Employees were told just Friday the rest stop was closing down. Now 13 people are out of a job, and have to file for unemployment.

“I think it’s tough, and we live in tough times still with the economy, and I wouldn’t think there’d be a lot of work opportunities around here for folks either,” Kelsey said.

Employees say they don’t why the stop is being shut down.

Neither do the people who’ve stopped there so many times over the years, but they know how they feel about it.

There’s gonna have to be some adjustments made in people’s travel plans, I would think,” George Milam said.

“This is a bad thing for people coming from the east or the west,” Kelsey said.

UPDATE- Kentucky State Police say the rest stop is being closed temporarily.

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