HENDERSON, Ky (WEHT) – The Ohio County Sheriff’s Office conducted an active shooter response and bus drivers training session on Friday, August 4.

The office states the purpose of this drill is a significant effort to enhance student safety and focused on equipping bus drivers and monitors with critical skills and knowledge to handle potential emergency situations.

Officials say the session proved to be a vital opportunity for bus drivers and monitors to learn about law enforcement’s response protocols during an active shooter incident.

Officers demonstrated and educated the attendees on what to expect during a law enforcement response.

Officials gave insight on a highlight of the drill, which included the implementation of tubular assault tactics by law enforcement officers.

“This exercise demonstrated an efficient and coordinated approach to neutralize threats and ensure the safety of the public during an active shooter situation,” officials said. “The hands-on training provided an invaluable experience for the bus drivers and monitors, enhancing their ability to respond effectively and responsibly in high-pressure situations.”