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One Tri-State woman is still grieving over her parents deaths, which were not even 24 hours apart. Her father’s body still has not been found. 

They were married 40 years. Tami Hart says her parents didn’t leave a will making it difficult for her and her brother to move on.

A family hit with tragedy not once, but twice.

“Everyone’s worst fear is loosing their parents,” Tami Hart said.

Tami Hart stares past me as we sit on her front porch. As the cool breeze passes by, she tells me how her parents were like no other.

“Everyone takes for granted and yells at their parents or something like that and I would give anything to yell at my mom again,” she said.

This past Christmas Eve, Tami’s mom passed away from cancer after only being diagnosed for a month. The next day her dad jumped off the Twin Bridges.

“My moms beneficiary was my dad and my dad didn’t have a beneficiary, so we are not getting any of the funds available to us,” Hart said. 

Tami says her father’s body hasn’t been found, which has left herself and her brother unable to finish their parents expenses.

“I can’t pay the funeral home for my mom,” she said. “I can’t pay any of the expenses that they left behind.”

Henderson City and County Rescue Squad spent two days looking for Tami’s dad.

“With the river going up and down like it is, we don’t know if the body is still there where he went down,” Henderson City and County Rescue Squad Chief Bryant Woodard said. “He could have [come] up and washed out to a field.” 

Tami says without her fathers body, she won’t be able to have closure personally and legally.

“If he’s not found we’re trying to get a presumptive certificate,” she said. “I don’t know how far that would take me with the insurance companies, but we’re going to try that and if not I guess I’ll just have to wait but that seems cruel on some level.”

She says it could take years.

“I want to say it’s five years in Kentucky, the law of absentia, just missing and then they declare them deceased,” Hart said.

But her hope isn’t gone and knows someday she’ll be able to bring both parents home.

“I think if we pull together, we can find him,” Hart said.

The Henderson City and County Rescue Squad says they did notify the coast guard of the incident in December.

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