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One former Webster Co. teacher pleads guilty, other awaits trial

Two former Webster County Middle School teachers accused of trafficking drugs were in Webster county circuit court Friday. While Jason West pled guilty to his charges, Lucia Jenkins, who is also facing federal charges, will have to wait longer to learn her fate.


West pled guilty to trafficking drugs within 1,000 feet of a school, forfeiting his teaching license and receiving a five year diversion of his sentence. Essentially, as long he doesn't commit anything more than a traffic violation in that time, he'll stay out of prison.


As for Jenkins, her pre-trial conference was re-scheduled. In addition to trafficking, she's facing federal charges of possession of child pornography.


"Generally speaking, the federal case is more serious, so we're trying to get it resolved, or you know, determined exactly what the status is going to be of that case before we do anything on this case, where you want to try it first and then try this one afterwards, or resolve them all globally,” Jenkins’ attorney Steve Romines said.


The commonwealth attorney assigned to the state's case against Jenkins, David Hargrove, said West and others who appeared in court Friday, including Tuesday Page and Earl Stone, can be connected to one person.


"It’s all tied in with the Lucia Jenkins case. I was originally brought in on that case, and as the investigation continued, there were more people that became connected to this, and all of these that plead today were ones that are connected with Ms. Jenkins,” Hargrove said.


Hargrove said his hope is to have all the cases connected to Jenkins wrapped up before the year is over, so the community can heal from this black eye.


"So yeah, it certainly affects the people around, and when you get some of the charges that are involved in this case, they certainly have to wonder,” Hargrove said. “Because their kids go to school here, so I’m sure they'll be happy to know that perhaps we made a dent in that and stopped that kind of activity."


Jenkins' pre-trial conference for the state was rescheduled for December 21st. Her federal trial starts in February.


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(This story was originally published on November 9, 2018)

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