HENDERSON, Ky (WEHT) – Owensboro Police charged a 16-year-old male suspect on Tuesday after investigators say surveillance videos connected him to multiple reports of property damage in the downtown area of Veterans Boulevard.

According to a release, reports were taken during the early morning hours of September 30 of criminal mischief at the Veterans of Foreign Wars in the 300 block of west Veterans Boulevard, including a damaged flower pot, a broken statue and a broken car window. Police say there were also reports taken at the Bell House in the 100 block of east Veterans Boulevard, where a window was broken out and a credit card and city owned pick-up truck were stolen.

Police say they initiated a traffic stop on the stolen vehicle when it was spotted on October 1. Officers arrested the driver, identified only as a 16-year-old male, and charged him with burglary and auto theft before releasing him to a guardian.

Officers say they discovered several surveillance videos of the downtown area confirming the same suspect was also involved in the incident at the VFW. The juvenile was charged with criminal mischief.