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Owensboro food truck rule changes proposed

After a few years in business across Owensboro, a proposed rule change for food trucks is under discussion.


The change: lifting restrictions on how close they can operate near restaurants. But city commissioners chose to table the measure for now.


It's another lunch rush for the Real Hacienda food truck serving employees of nearby businesses.


"During the weekdays, we go to other places. could be difficult for them to get to us, and also they have a short period on their breaks,” says Armando Ortiz of the Real Hacienda restaurant, who has ran their food truck for nearly two years. He says a proposed lifting of a restriction prohibiting them from setting up less than a hundred feet from a restaurant can be a positive.


"I understand there are some who oppose it, some who are pro. We don't feel there is a lot of competition between us, because people have in their own mind what they want to eat,” Ortiz says.


The proposed change also allows food trucks to operate on streets along city parks. City Attorney Steve Lynn says it came after food truck owners in Louisville sued over a similar law, which lead to changes.

While the rule change is likely to affect where a food truck can serve a quick lunch, other restaurant owners are concerned about its effects.


"I would say that it may cause some issues,” says Colby MacQuarrie of Colby's Fine Food and Spirits. He says his concerns include trucks parking too close to his restaurant, which could disrupt vehicle and foot traffic. He also says there can be middle ground between removing the rule while addressing restaurant owner’s concerns.


"They take that out of the law and they don't replace that with anything. But what about the businesses that have been as long as we have and there's a number of them,” he says.


Mayor Tom Watson tells us they held off on a scheduled 1st reading during today's city commission meeting on the ordinance because they needed more time to study it.


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(This story was originally published on April 17, 2018)

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