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Before the ballots are cast a local city gives candidates and voters one last chance to listen to each other ahead the big day. A candidate forum draws a packed house in Owensboro.  

Dave Kirk, Public Information Officer for Owensboro Public Schools says, “It’s your last opportunity to see what these candidates have to say before the election.”

Voters voices will be heard next Tuesday. But tonight, Owensboro voters were able to hear what local mayoral and city commissioner candidates have to say regarding their city. 

Leslie Carlisle, from Owensboro says, “I wanted the opportunity to listen to all the candidates and the questions they were posed and how they would answer them individually.”

Larry Miller, also from Owensboro says it has been hard to narrow his votes down. “I thought this would be a good opportunity to hear in their own words instead of in their campaigns and promotional items,” Miller says. “I’ve been pleasantly surprised.”

More than a hundred voters packed into Owensboro High School’s auditorium. Some say this forum helped them decide who they will cast a vote for. 

“When I came in there’s like 8 candidates I was still open about and I think I got it down to 5 or 6 but I’m still thinking about it,” Miller says. 

Carlisle says, “I didn’t have an opinion prior to this but I believe this has helped me make a decision now.”

And while voters may disagree on who might be the best candidate, there is one thing they all agree on. 

“Considering what we have witnessed on TV with debates this was very refreshing to watch and be a part of they did an outstanding job,” Carlisle says. 

Miller agrees. “What I’m impressed with is they’re not attacking each other. There’s a lot of agreement but when they disagree they’re doing it in a way that’s respectful so I think that’s refreshing considering some of the other elections we’re having now.”

It was a night filled with questions and concerns about the future of Owensboro and school officials hope this will help people break any ties come election day. 

“This is what locally impacts us,” Kirk says. “The national races are important but what these guys and gals have to say behind us is really going to effect us the most.”

Whether you’re undecided or not the important thing is to just go and vote next Tuesday. 

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