Owensboro Jewelers Moving Out; Blame Parking

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“Everybody that walks through the door now just goes, you know, is mad at me because they can’t find a parking place and I’m like I feel your pain. I know what you’re going through,” Craig Grant said.
Grant’s father opened Grant’s Jewelers on Second Street in 1937.
And since 1969, M&M Jewelers has sat at the corner of Second and Allen.
Grant said he’s the only gemologist in Owensboro, but soon, he’s moving out.
“Our location was always a good location, and I’m proud of our store here, but it’s just got to the point where i have no parking. My customers constantly complain that they can’t get to me.”
In the past eight years downtown Owensboro has seen major renovations, including widening the Second Street sidewalks for pedestrians, bu at the expense of parking spaces.
“I mean if I had just three or four parking spaces that my customers could use, I’d be okay,” Grant said.
But he doesn’t. So when a buyer made an offer, he took it, and M&M jewelers will be out by July.
Despite the perception of less parking downtown after the renovations, the chair of the Owensboro Parking Committee said that’s not the case at all.
“You actually see 74 more parking spaces downtown then there were before, so there actually is more parking,” Joe Berry said.
Many of those spaces are in the garage at the corner of Daviess and East Veterans Boulevard.
But Grant said customers aren’t too keen on walking from the garage to shop for jewelry
He said he will open up another shop in Owensboro, but it won’t be downtown.

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