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Owensboro unveils Nicky Hayden statue

The city of Owensboro unveiled a new statue to honor and remember the late Nicky Hayden. The statue took a team of more than a hundred people to create.
Hayden is an Owensboro native who was the MotoGP World Champion in 2006. He died in a bicycle accident in 2017.
Not only was Hayden honored with the statue -- it was also announced that he will be inducted into the 2018 class of the Kentucky Motor Sports Hall of Fame.
Mayor Tom Watson also proclaimed June 9th Nicky Hayden Day in the city of Owensboro to represent his racing number 69.
Friends family and fans came from near and far to celebrate Nicky Hayden's career and life.
One fan drove all the way from Cleveland, Ohio to celebrate him today.

Alex Rossborough says, "It's an absolutely wonderful tribute. That was an excellent day. That picture was taken the day the he won at Laguna Seca as part of his championship season. It really encapsulates Nicky on a winning day."

The Nicky Hayden memorial fund also made donations to the Davis County Public Schools and the Boys and Girls Club.


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