Owner Fuming As Business is Burglarized… Again


After five years of operation without incident, Penny Pinchers, a thrift shop on Evansville’s south east side, is burglarized for the fourth time in nearly a week, according to owner Tony Bell. The difficult stretch of days has not only cost Bell thousands of dollars in merchandise but also more than $6000 worth of damage to the store.

Bell said the first burglary happened last Monday with only a small amount of merchandise stolen. Additional burglaries happened the following Tuesday and Wednesday as the suspect or suspects targeted the rear of the building, causing extensive damage to the outer wall and the back doors. Thousands of dollars worth of merchandise was stolen and the store had been ransacked.

Bell repaired the damage and replaced all the locks with stronger deadbolts. Bell hoped the new locks would do the trick and the burglaries would stop.

They didn’t.

Early this morning, as Bell was opening up the business for the day, he noticed the glass on one of the side doors had been shattered. It appears the suspect or suspects used a large piece of concrete and tossed it through the transiom.

“When you come in and you have somebody destroying your business by breaking in it constantly, that’s money wasted,” Bell said. “It really puts a drain on you. You don’t think you’re ever going to win the lottery but then eventually someone does. In my case, I never thought we would get robbed twice, let alone three times and now four times in a row.”

Bell plans on installing security cameras on Wednesday or Thursday. He also plans on sleeping at the business to ensure that it doesn’t happen again.

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