Owner Picking Up Pieces of Diner


Owners are trying to salvage anything they can from a Posey County staple. Dean’s Diner in Mount Vernon caught fire early Friday morning destroying most of what was inside.

People throughout the Mt. Vernon community have stopped by the diner to share their favorite memory. It’s been a hard 24 hours for the owners as they have begun cleaning up and trying to find what they can recover.

Tables and chairs are stacked high in the parking lot. There’s only a handful of items left from Friday’s fire.

“Anything that’s salvageable obviously for scrap metal or anything like that we can help put towards a fund to pay bills that occur whether you’re open or not,” Owner’s niece Sarah Jameson said. 

A tall brick building used to be the longtime home of Dean’s Diner. Since 2001, they’ve been serving the community of Mt. Vernon.

“It’s rather heartbreaking,” Jameson said. “I remember putting a lot of that stuff up. I remember painting ceiling tiles and fixing them and to see it come down, it hurts.”

Saturday family members are picking up the pieces of what used to be.

“We think it’s completely gone,” Jameson said. “We won’t know anything until the insurance people come here and make that decision for us. I do know that there are entire parts that we aren’t going to touch or go anywhere near.”

James Willhide is a longtime customer.

“In this little town, we kind of depend on things and Dean’s was something we could all depend on,” he said. 

He stopped by the diner to simply give a hug and thank those who’ve helped him in the past.

“I guess it was my way of letting them know I cared after all they have done for me over the years they serve me some pretty decent food, so I figured it’s my way of saying thanks,” Willhide said. 

As they sift through the ashes, family members and the 10 employees are able to take a piece of the diner home.

“Other tables and stuff will be for people that have worked here for a long time and want something to remember it by,” Jameson said.

While the future plans of Dean’s Diner are still unsure, cars will continue to stop by and give their condolences and remember what its done for so many in the community.

“I know Dean and her crew and her family, they’ll be back and better than ever,” Willhide said. 

There is still no word on where or how the fire started.

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