ALBION, Ill. (WEHT)— Some parents were called to pick up their kids from school on Thursday. Stacey Brands has two kids, one of whom is a fourth grader. She said she received a call from the school’s secretary about her fourth grade son.

“He was in close contact with a COVID-19 person,” Brands said.

She said she recognized parents and could tell the other kids coming out to be picked up were his classmates. This happening after being in the classroom for four days this school year. Brands said they told her health officials would be in contact about how to proceed.

Eyewitness News spoke to the Edwards County Health Office, who released this statement:

“Per IDPH guidelines, once we receive a positive School case, we reach out to the school nurse who then assists us with the contact tracing. Once we get those individuals, we call the parents and let them know that we are asking them to quarantine for the 14 days past exposure per IDPH guidelines. 

The school does contact those parents- sometimes they reach the parents beforehand but they will be contacted by the health office and given guidance.”

All of this happening days after the Illinois State Board of Education places the school district on probation for not following a mask mandate.

“We went to open house and they were like you know what you don’t have to wear a mask, no one has to wear a mask- I don’t even have to wear a mask and at first I was like oh that’s really nice you know? Because they don’t have to worry about it, you know? But then in the back of the mind I was like is this a joke? Maybe it’s too good to be true,” Brands said.

Eyewitness News has reached out several times to talk with the school district’s superintendent but has not heard back yet.