People Hoping to Rent Home Discover Gun in Mail Box

People Hoping to Rent Home Discover Gun in Mail Box_03692748-159532

Some people hoping to rent a house made a startling discovery on Friday. They found a loaded gun in the home’s mail box.

Evansville Police say the gun is the same one used in a shootout on Thursday.

The house where the gun was discovered is up for rent near the area of Thursday’s shooting.

EPD says potential renters were looking at the property when their son opened the mailbox and found the loaded gun inside.

The shooting happened near Michael and Frisse when Kiyel Langley and his girlfriend, Amber Martin, met with her ex-boyfriend who’s also the father of her child.

Police say an argument turned violent and Langley allegedly fired five shots at the father of the ex-boyfriend.

A witness told police theysaw it happen.

Captain Andy Chandler says, “I’ve said this many times to our officers, we generate our own luck many times because we do hard work and when you do work hard that does generate your luck. However, in this case this was pure luck. “

Langley is charged with attempted murder. Martin faces a charge of assisting a criminal.

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