People Rally for Muslims in Owensboro


First they talked, then they walked around downtown Owensboro, shouting, “We’re people united, we won’t stand divided.” That’s the simple breakdown, but many who showed up to the interfaith rally, put together by the Owensboro/Daviess County Ministerial Association, did so for simple reasons.

“I just came down here to support, just to support everyone, you know, it’s a scary time right now,” Stewart Kelley said.

For others, it’s more complex.

“I’m here because I strongly feel about this. I’m an immigrant, and this nation was built in immigrants, so I feel like this new ban is not just.”

Fechia Hammed emigrated from Ethiopia, not one of the seven countries listed on President Trump’s executive order, but that didn’t stop her from standing and marching against an order she said oppresses people from those countries.

“I feel like it’s unfair. I feel like we have been singled out, as a Muslim,” Hammed said.

People of faiths other than Islam, and even non-believers showed a similar empathy. 

“I’m not religious,” Kelley said. “But I consider myself a moral person. I think it’s (the ravel ban) un-American.”

Plenty of others disagree with that notion, but they weren’t the ones attending this rally. The ones who were gave at least one Muslim reason to be optimistic about the future. 

“This gave me a lot of faith. Having people, you, they stand up for justice, and as many of the speakers said, when one person is treated un-justly, we’re gonna be here together for each other. So this gave me a lot of hope,” Hammed said.

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