People sign a petition against mask mandate for Catholic schools


EVANSVILLE, Ind (WEHT)– Parents are signing a petition asking the Diocese of Evansville to remove its mask mandate for students, staff members, and visitors of all Catholic schools within the diocese.

We demand that by August 30, 2021, the mask mandate impacting the students, staff and visitors of the schools within the Evansville Catholic Diocese be reversed, and will not be reinstated at any time in the future, providing parents the choice of whether to have their child(ren) wear masks while at school. There will also be no further restrictions put into place including, but not limited to, refusing entry of parents into the building. 

Lauren Gries

Lauren Gries started the ‘Make Masking in Schools an Individual Parental Choice’ petition which has garnered nearly 300 signatures in three days.

The petition states, “By forcing masks on children, rather than allowing parents and families to make those individual choices, our basic human right of choice is taken away.”

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