People stock up on fireworks during supply shortage


EVANSVILLE, Ind (WEHT)– If you’re rushing out to get fireworks this year, you might be shopping from a limited selection. Some people prepping their backyard display were disappointed to see some of their favorite fireworks missing from the shelves. This shortage is caused by supply chain issues in China. Fireworks are in high demand as more people make it a tradition to shoot off fireworks at home.

“Last year with COVID and everything, I mean nobody was doing any fireworks so we decided to put one on and rented a bouncy for all the kids and it turned out great,” Chris Putnam said his neighbors have been asking about his second annual fireworks display since last year’s was a hit. “Matter of fact one of our neighbors I told them I said, ‘let’s come up and we are going to shoot of a few fireworks.’ he said, ‘that’s the biggest understatement of the year.'”

Putnam spent more money on this year’s firework display to compensate for last year’s fan favorites that were missing from the shelves. He is looking forward to shooting off some new finds.

“The Bite of Death. That’s going to be our finale. We are going to shoot it off with the Grave Digger,” said Putnam.

Pat Markham, store manager of Mark’s Fireworks located on Morgan Avenue, said everyone is feeling the effects of the firework shortage.

“We felt it like everybody else. Shipping is really 90% of your cost for fireworks. Everything gets shipped over from overseas from China on a big freighter. The ports are jammed up with everything that’s been going on the last year trying to catch up,” explained Markham. He said even though their shelves are stocked up with fireworks, he doesn’t think those supplies will last. “Everyone’s excited. Last year they saw us sell out for the first time so they anticipate another busy fourth. As you look around it’s going on right now.”

If you’re planning on having a firework display of you own, it’s best to go shopping now in hopes of getting the fireworks you want.

The Indiana Department of Insurance is warning Hoosier homeowners and renters that accidental damage caused by fireworks that are banned in their counties may not be covered by their homeowners or renters insurance policies.

Firework complaints in Vanderburgh County are down more than three times below the calls made last year. A Central Dispatch supervisor says between June 1 and July 2, 2020, 268 people called in firework related issues. Between June 1 and July 2, 2021, 84 people have called in about fireworks.

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