HENDERSON, Ky (WEHT) – The Perry Central School Corporation School Board and Superintendent Tara Bishop approved the unveiling of a new logo to be used academically and athletically throughout the corporation.

“Perry Central has been a corporation with a multitude of logos, rather than a collection of logos designed to work together,” Dr. Bishop said. “The goal of this rebrand is not only to give our schools a unified brand across the corporation but to increase the strength of our brand throughout the state.”

According to the release, inspiration was drawn from Perry Central logos of old plus the school’s namesake, Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry. The release says the most noteworthy creation was that of the new primary logo-the anchor and star insignia. The anchor has been an element used throughout the years by Perry Central in several secondary logos plus other academic areas.

Officials say the new anchor logo is directly inspired by the shoulder board insignias worn by past Commodores of the United States Navy. An anchor, intertwined in a rope and a single star adorns the Commodore shoulder board and was chosen as the unifying logo for Perry Central Schools. Additionally, Perry Central’s original PC was updated and stacked to create a more modern and clean appearance.

Officials also say another element that has remained prominent throughout the years is the Commodore mascot. new Commodore mascots have been created over the course of the school’s history, with each taking on various design styles. With the elimination of all previous Commodore mascot logos, a new Commodore was created to give a modern feel to the original. This new mascot can be used in various formats and has officially been named Ollie. Additionally, the Perry Central fanbase was named The Brigade to represent the ground troop support for the Commodore’s ships.

Designed in partnership with Huntingburg-based, Branded by Woods, the new identity system provides the School Corporation a strong, professional appearance while unifying the schools both academically and athletically.