HENDERSON, Ky (WEHT) – Pickleball tournaments are coming to Wesselman Park.

According to officials with the Evansville Parks & Recreation and the Evansville Community Pickleball Association, three pickleball tournaments are set to take place in 2024 at the new Wesselman Woods Pickleball Complex.

  • Grand Opening Tournament
  • May 10 – May 12
    • The Grand Opening Tournament will officially kick-off competitive play on the brand new 16 court complex in Wesselman Park. Players from across the region will compete for the title, with various skill-level categories ensuring a great experience for everyone. Whether a novice or a seasoned pro, this tournament is a chance to showcase skills and connect with fellow pickleball enthusiasts. A full weekend of events and pickleball will be showcased.
  • Evansville City Championships
  • June 8 – 9
    • The inaugural Evansville City Pickleball Championship is a unique opportunity for pickleball players in the Evansville area to compete at a high level and enjoy the fast-growing sport of pickleball.
  • Wesselman Summer Open
  • August 3 – 5
    • This regional tournament is the grand finale of the 2024 summer season, and players of all ages are encouraged to experience pickleball and all of the amenities in Wesselman Park.

“Evansville is poised to become the premiere regional destination for pickleball upon the completion of the 16 new courts in Wesselman Park,” said Evansville Deputy Mayor Steve Schaefer, who also serves as the interim Parks Director. “The excitement is growing, and the complex will bring players of all skill levels together for both recreational and competitive play.”

“We are thrilled to host these three exciting pickleball tournaments at the courts in 2024,” said Steve Burgess with the ECPA. “Our goal is to provide players with memorable experiences, fierce competition, and the opportunity to connect with fellow pickleball enthusiasts. We can’t wait to see the talent and sportsmanship on display in these events.”

Registration will open soon, and interested players can find more information here.