The playground can be a popular spot in the summertime, but in this heat, experts have a few warnings.
Summer days for Lori Dillow’s family are filled with lots of fun and play. They’re also filled with layers of sunscreen and plenty of water.
“We feel like we’ve been cooped up a lot lately, so we wanted to get out,” said Dillow.
Playgrounds are always an easy option for her three kids, but shady spots can be hard to come by.
Eyewitness News’ Amelia Young had a temperature reader and found out the surface of one piece of plastic equipment was 135 degrees. So, make sure you’re paying attention to where your kids are playing.
One thing you might be worried about are the black swings. Those read around 109. Something you may not think about being hot as well is the ground. Rubber tiles beneath the swings at one playground were 135 degrees.
“If the child does accidentally get burned then the first thing to do is wash the area with water gently and apply ice packs,” said Deaconess medical director for emergency departments Gina Huhnke.
When you should be most alert? The middle of the day. A high humidity and heat index could turn those smiles into frowns.
“It’s going to increase the bodies fluid loss and that’s when you want to be the most careful,” said Huhnke, “If the child starts to have altered mental status, isn’t acting right, stops sweating then those are signs for concern you need to bring the child in right away.”
Being an alert parent and aware of your kid’s surroundings can help you beat the summer heat.
(This article was originally published July 2, 2018)