Police making drug arrest find child’s room full of feces


PROVIDENCE, Ky (WEHT) – Police making a drug arrest Friday discovered a scene that shocked them.

Authorities went to an address on Bellville Rd in Providence to execute an arrest warrant on Felicia Terrell, 27, who was wanted for trafficking in a controlled substance. While speaking with Terrell, police observed a dirty and completely naked 4-year-old boy inside the house.

Police say a consensual search led them to discover additional drugs and firearms. Police also noticed a “barn type, horse stable” door with a latch on the outside that led to a small bedroom.

According to police, the floor of this room was covered in feces, urine, and scattered cereal. Police say there were also what appeared to be small handprints in feces on the inside of the door and on the walls.

We’re told officers observed a bowl of water, a boarded up window, and a twin-sized mattress with fecal material on it. Police say there were no sheets, pillows, or covers. Terrell also told police there had been no lights or electricity in the room either.

Police immediately notified Social Services. The child has been placed with a suitable family until Social Services can conduct a proper investigation on Monday. 

Felicia Terrell

Terrell was arrested and charged with trafficking a controlled substance and criminal abuse. Police say additional charges and arrests are possible.

This is an ongoing investigation.

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