HENDERSON, Ky (WEHT) – A man wanted following a Posey County drug round-up in 2021 was located in Kansas City, Missouri and arrested earlier this month following an investigation from a Mount Vernon Police officer.

Operation Roundup was a large scale drug round-up in Posey County that resulted in the arrest of 16 individuals on state and federal charges in May of 2021. The operation was a cooperative effort between the Posey County Prosecutors Office, the Mount Vernon Police Department, the Posey County Sheriff’s Office and multiple other agencies.

However, three suspects in the round-up were not arrested during the investigation. One of those three suspects, Jeffrey Bates, 41, was wanted on charges of dealing methamphetamine.

According to a press release, Mount Vernon Police Officer Levi Hoen began an investigation into Bates’ whereabouts earlier this month. Officer Hoen was able to use open source investigations to locate possible addresses frequented by Bates in Kansas City. Officer Hoen was able to make contact with law enforcement officers in Kansas City and provide them with a photo and potential location.

On February 7, the Mount Vernon Police Department was notified that Bates was arrested in Kansas City based on the information they provided. Bates is currently being held in Jackson County, Missouri and awaiting extradition to Indiana.