GREENVILLE, Ky. (WEHT) Greenville Police say a Muhlenberg County inmate is learning a lesson after his escape from jail.

Dallas Ferguson was caught early Sunday after he was found in the old Muhlenberg South Middle School.  He was supposed to be in the Muhlenberg County Detention Center.

Students don’t walk the halls at the old Muhlenberg South Middle School anymore, but it’s where police say Ferguson walked in, and hid this past weekend.

“You get a phone call at 3:13 in the morning, the worst goes through your mind,” said Muhlenberg South Middle Principal Brian Lile, who was called by Greenville Police Sergeant Wes Miller early Sunday morning.

“He said, ‘We’re pretty sure he’s in the school, we tracked him through the school. He said, ‘Is there any way, while we are going through the school, that you can check security cameras while we’re checking rooms?'” Lile recalled.

Police say Ferguson climbed over the fence at the county jail, then ran a tenth of a mile to the old school, which was being used as storage for tornado donations.

“One of our officers determined a door appeared to be unsecure on the back side of the gym,” said Sgt. Miller.

Lile checked security footage from home. While police were searching this old school, Lile said he noticed a few ceiling tiles that were moving near the old guidance counselors office through the security cameras.

“I watched again, and I said, ‘There’s some ceiling tiles moving, and it’s possible he’s up in the ceiling by our guidance counselor’s office,” said Lile.

“Mr. Lile was able to positively determine that he was within the ceiling,” Sgt. Miller added.

Ferguson surrendered after police entered the ceiling.  He is charged with third degree burglary, and theft by unlawful taking. He was then charged with terroristic threatening after officials say he threatened a jail employee.

“Thank goodness our cameras are still up and running. There’s no blind spots in the building. That was a great help,” said Lile.

(This story was originally published on January 24, 2022)