MORGANFIELD, Ky (WEHT) – The Morganfield Police Department and Union County Animal Control are searching for a wolf hybrid that is on the loose.

Police say three privately owned wolf-hybrids escaped from their shelter and fencing. Police have located and properly housed two of the three canines, but are still searching for the third. Schools, daycares, and rest homes in the area have been advised.

Morganfield Police Chief Geoff Deibler says the owner, David Mills, will face three counts each of harboring a vicious animal and allowing them to run loose. Mills says he has an electric fence designed to keep the hybrids and his neighbors safe but notes that they got loose as he worked on a chain-link fence in his yard.

Mills says he’s had the three hybrids, whom he says are primarily huskies with a “low content” of wolf DNA, since they were just a few weeks old. He says the term “wolf hybrid” can be a little misleading, adding that they can be very affectionate when approached in their environment. Now, Mills says getting his dogs back would be like being reunited with his own children.

He says he previously had a permit to own vicious animal, but it lapsed almost a year ago amid some “personal health issues.”

Mills says he is concerned for the last remaining dog, as wolf hybrids are pack animals by nature. Police say if you see the wolf hybrids, you should not attempt to interact with them and should call 270-389-4357.