EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) — When it comes to Porsche, there is no substitute. Both Evansville and the German car brand have rich histories that span decades. The Evansville Wartime Museum celebrated the historic brand with a car show on Saturday.

The Porsche Club of Southwestern Indiana brought their rides to the museum for the public to check out. Owners even had the opportunity to take pictures of their cars with the Hoosier Spirit II P-47.

“So we had members from all over that are part of the Southern Indiana region. We had members from Kentucky come up. We had a few members from Jasper, Indiana,” said Richard Gustafson, President of the Porsche Club of Southwestern Indiana.

He continued, saying, “One of our members came from southern Illinois to come and enjoy our cars together and enjoy the museum and see some of Evansville’s history during World War II and beyond. A lot of people don’t understand the big part that Evansville played in World War II.”

The B-25J Mitchell “Champaign Gal” plane will be visiting the Evansville Wartime Museum in July for tours and flight.