POSEY CO., Ind (WEHT) – After rehabilitating in Chicago for two months, Deputy Hicks is back home.

Tammy Hicks, his wife, was by his side the entire time, and a crowd was ready to greet him at an airport when he returned. Cindy and Keith Hicks, Deputy Hicks’s parents, said, “It’s been tough. We’ve had a great support group. Our families, our coworkers, our friends, they’ve all been… the community, it’s all been behind us all the way and been behind him. And I can’t say enough about my daughter in law. I mean she’s pretty tough. She’s been there the whole time for him, hasn’t left his side the whole time. She’s a special girl.”

Since Deputy Hicks was shot in late September, there has been a lot of uncertainty, but due to the community’s unwavering support it has been easier for the Hicks family to bear. Deputy Hicks was taken to an area neurology center, and he has a long road ahead of him. However, his loved ones are just happy to have him back home so they can help with his recovery.