Posey County landmark ‘Kitchen Cannister Grain Bins’ being restored to their former glory


POSEY COUNTY, Ind. (WEHT) — They’ve been the subject of local admiration and amusement, as well as publications around the world.

‘The Kitchen Cannister Grain Bins’ – a series of four grain bins on a Posey County farm, that have been painted to look just like a set of Flour, Sugar, Coffee and Tea cannisters, are being returned to their former glory.

It’s taking little bit of paint — and a lot of effort — but, members of the Hordynski family, young and old, are committed to making it happen.

The ‘kitchen cannister’ names on the bins were originally painted in 1985, and time and weather has taken its toll.

But, the Hordynski family says they’ll soon look like people remember.

Carol Hordynski admits, “Posey County has been missing some main ingredients for the last few years… but not for long.”

Thirty-five years ago, Carol told her farmer dad that his then-new grain bins looked just like her mom’s cannister set on the kitchen counter (which, they still have, by the way).

Being “kind of crazy,” and having a great sense of humor, Carol says, her dad gave Carol permission to paint them like the silver cannisters – labeled, “Flour, Sugar, Coffee and Tea,”

The Hordynskis say drivers used to stop and take pictures of their handiwork.

The family became famous for the bins.

Carol says, one Halloween, she dressed her four kids up as the locally-famous cannister-bins.

Photo courtesy the Hordynski family

They’ve the subject of articles by newspapers and magazines around the world.

Over the years, the bins have faded, and in 2018, they repainted the silver, but didn’t get around to the letters — and that didn’t sit well with the neighbors.

So, that’s now being taken care of, and the famous kitchen staples will return to Posey County by this weekend. 

The Kitchen Cannister Grain Bins can be found along the north side of Hwy. 62, on Caborn Road, near Mt. Vernon.

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(This story was originally published on October 9, 2020)


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