MT. VERNON, Ind. (WEHT) – The city of Mount Vernon has received a $100,000 grant to help with an erosion issue present on the city’s waterfront.  

“We are very appreciative for the assistance from DNR through the LARE Program,” stated Mount Vernon Mayor, G. William Curtis. “They have already aided with the Feasibility Study and the Engineering and Design Phase of the project. The current grant will allow us to initiate and complete construction this year. Given the rate of erosion, time is critical. Left unchecked erosion would threaten Riverbend Park, Sherburne Park, and the boat ramp, all of which are all important component of the quality of life of Mount Vernon residents and the region.”

A news release says these funds will fund efforts to prevent erosion along over 800 feet of riverbank near Riverbend and Sherburne Parks in the downtown area, as well as the removal of sediment in other areas. It is estimated that the riverbank has receded as much as 40 feet in certain areas in the last eight to ten years.

The Evansville Regional Economic Partnership (E-REP) says the findings provided the city of Mount Vernon with valuable alternatives for the erosion and bank stabilization. The new grant will allow construction of proactive measures to preserve the riverbank and prevent erosion from threatening the features at Riverbend Park and the City’s Free Public Access Boat Ramp. It will also protect the habitat for numerous wildlife in the area.