Potential Time Capsule Found at Demolition Site


An incredible discovery during demolition of the old American Legion Post on Owensboro’s riverfront. Post members and contractors say they found what they believe is a time capsule built in to the corner stone.

“For years, American Legion Post heard rumors of a time capsule buried here at their old post on the Owensboro riverfront. Now, they have those rumors answered.”

“You’re mining for coal, and you find gold,” says Nick Hetman, a member of American Legion Post 9 in Owensboro.

As the legion’s home of nearly 80 years comes down…

“It’s one of those bittersweet memories. This has been home to veterans since at least 1938. So, the loss of a home is always tragic,” Hetman says.

…a piece of its history, long hidden, surfaces.

“The guys that were doing the demolition were excited about it also,” says Scott Jagoe of Jagoe Homes.

Post members say the object, surrounded by limestone, could be a capsule buried in the mid 1930s. Jagoe, whose company bought the building last year, says it was found after contractors removed it to give to post members.

“At that time nobody said that there was a time capsule in it, but we told them at that point that we would make sure we would get the stone off back in their hands,” he says.

“We had no written documentation to the best of my knowledge,” says Hetman. “So, when they got the cornerstone out, and lo and behold, there’s what appears to be a time capsule in there, we were excited.”

But if this is the long rumored time capsule, members say they’re anxious to find out what’s inside

“We can’t wait to open it and find out what’s in there. We don’t know if its Owensboro memorabilia, veterans memorabilia, no idea,” Hetman says.

Post members tell us they hope to have the time capsule opened in the near future.

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