Potholes Are Back

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Potholes begin when water seeps into cracks caused by aging, traffic wear, and winter freeze-thaw cycles. The city of Evansville is encouraging people to report them on social media.

It’s about that time. Various roads in the River City will be bumpy and these can cause quite a bit of damage to your car.

“We see a lot of ball joint damage, link rods, struts, it will bust the struts, you know it can cause wheels to fall off,” M & M Auto Service technician Daniel Hasselbrock said.

It’s a reoccurring problem when pothole season comes around. If you hit one, you’ll know.

“If the car starts pulling one way or the other, you definitely want to bring it in,” Hasselbrock said. “If you hear a popping noise and you didn’t hear it before, you just hit a pothole. If the steering wheel wiggles back and forth.” 

M&M Auto Service in Evansville says they cause tires to blow out and the damage isn’t cheap to fix.

“We’ve done front end work that sometimes can hit to the $1,000 range pretty fast and easy for upper and lower ball joints and that kind of thing,” Hasselbrock said.

The city of Evansville is encouraging us to use twitter to report the potholes, asking people using the hashtag #EVVPotholes.

The Director for the Department of Transportation and Services says it’s a quicker way to log the location and try to get a crew out to patch it up. City officials say the main pothole blitz is scheduled for spring. But crews will be out until then, depending on the weather.

“A lot of times it will push the strut up, but you know it matters how big the pothole is and the angle,” Hasselbrock said. “It can wiggle the wheel any way it matters on the hole.” 

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