EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) – Imagine being without power for nearly three full days, close to 72 hours. That was the reality this week for several Evansville residents in neighborhoods near Bellemeade Avenue. Now, imagine you are without power for nearly three days and you are dealing with a Covid diagnosis. That is what Evansville resident Laurie Byers dealt with throughout the power outage.

Byers says the severe thunderstorms knocked out power to her residence around 7pm Monday, August 1. It wasn’t until later Thursday evening, August 4, when her lights came back on. An added complication, Byers was dealing with Covid-19, trying to treat her symptoms while dealing with no power or air conditioning.

“By Thursday evening, it was pretty unbearable,” explains Byers. “And, if you couldn’t tell, little did I know I was starting to get sick with Covid. So being sick with fever and no power, was not a fun experience.”

Byers also has 6 animals she is caring for, saying she had a generator to help operate large fans to try to keep all cool. Byers also says, admittedly, she became emotional once her power was restored, and wants to express her gratitude to the crews who worked hard to restore power.