EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT)- Two groups, each on opposite ends on the nationwide debate over abortion rights, gathering in different parts of the same city. Anti-abortion activists meeting on a pedestrian walkway near Vann Ave. overlooking the Lloyd Expressway, abortion-rights activists meeting in the heart of Evansville.

Friday’s Supreme Court ruling effectively struck down nearly half a century of legal precedent establishing the constitutional right to an abortion. But for some abortion-rights activists, there are fears that the Supreme Court could soon strike down rights for the LGBTQ+ community and people of color. One activist says it’s important for people to come together and show that they care to protect the rights they have.

Meanwhile, anti-abortion activists and members of Right to Life of Southwest Indiana celebrated the ruling. Right to Life executive director Mary Ellen Van Dyke called the ruling “historic,” saying that “millions of babies can now be saved.”

Van Dyke says Indiana could join a list of states that have already, or are planning to, restrict abortion access as soon as next month when the Republican-controlled General Assembly meets during a special session.

However, State Representative candidate Katherine Rybak (D) says Indiana should instead follow the lead set by Illinois to instead protect abortion rights. Rybak called the ruling “stunning,” adding she was horrified that the Supreme Court would use a law set in 1868 to make the decision more than 150 years later.