Price Increases for Police Body Cam Footage


As more law enforcement agencies add body cams to the uniforms, access to the footage becomes more expensive, including Evansville.

Evansville Police Department sent out a new form Tuesday for requesting footage.

In 2013, EPD began testing body cameras, and by 2014, every officer was equipped with one.

Copies of recordings, both car and body cam, now cost $150, six times the previous cost of $25.

That doesn’t include fees for reproducing records, certification, and if the copies are delivered, postage.

To watch the video at the police station, rather than copy it, costs $37.50 an hour.

The changes coincide with an amendment to the Indiana Access to Public Records Act.

People filling out the form must also specify the reason for their request

Also included: a disclaimer that if a request is denied, the city of Evansville will respond with statutory reasoning.

Copies of the form are available at the Evansville police station as well as EPD’s website.

Fees for copying and viewing the videos will go toward upgrading digital storage, and the use of image-altering software to obscure private information.

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