EVANSVILLE, In. (WEHT) – An Evansville DJ is trying to change the reputation of a genre of music he says gets a bad wrap.

Dat Boi Maxxx is the co- host of Midwest Muzik Grind on 98.5 FM in Evansville. His show attempts to highlight area hip-hop and R&B performers.

He admits hip-hop and R&B may have a negative stereotype and may not be for everyone, but he says it gives artists an outlet to express themselves and their energy.

“We have a lot of talent around the Tristate area man, like so much talent man…you gotta lot of artists right now that are grinding with their craft, and their material, and their art – you know, it’s kind of weird, because not only are we doing it to do it on a larger scale, because we don’t really have a place to – not practice per se – but showcase it,” says Dat Boi Maxxx.

Maxxx says he hopes more venues will keep an open mind – and consider hosting this style of music.