Program Aims to Protect Trees from Emerald Ash Borer

Local News

Parks officials in Evansville preparing for the invasion of a destructive insect. It’s called the emerald ash borer, and it’s killed tens of thousands of ash trees across the Midwest.

The Evansville Parks Foundation will soon unveil an Adopt-A-Tree program, which will help pay for the pretreatment of ash trees. Many are in the historic Oak Hill Cemetery.

On Thursday, the Board of Public Works approved Cemetery Superintendent Chris Cooke’s request to be a part of the program.

“The fact that it was found in northeastern Warrick County last year, roughly 14 miles from Oak Hill Cemetery’s borders, now is the time to take action,” said Cooke. “If we don’t do this now and start the treatment process, we’re going to lose them all.”

Cooke says Oak Hill Cemetery has 36 ash trees and 26 of them can be saved. The others are too old.

Details on the Adopt-A-Tree program could be announced later this month.

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