Promoter remains behind bars as Daviess County Lions Club deals with fallout after concert confusion


DAVIESS COUNTY, Ky. (WEHT) –New information on the case of a concert promoter that is facing charges of theft after Saturday’s concert headliner David Allan Coe’s act was canceled.

It’s not just fans that were left in the lurch after Saturday’s concert confusion.

The Daviess County Lions Club, which owns the fairgrounds, says they are also still dealing with the fallout of the canceled concert.

Monday, they were briefed by the Daviess County Sheriff’s Office and only Eyewitness News was there.

“Everybody that I’ve talked to know that you guys are not responsible, all you did was rent the venue,” Major Bill Thompson told members during the meeting,

Fans say theyre left with empty pockets and the Daviess County Lions Club is left trying to find answers to a lot of questions.

“The promoter came to us and said that ‘we didn’t sell enough tickets, we’re in trouble’ and it escalated from there.” explains Lions Club Fair Chairman Mike Hamilton.

But somehow, fans say tickets continued to sell, and there is no answer on how they can get their refunds now that the promoter is behind bars.

“That theft [charges] is based upon three people called us and said ‘we bought tickets, $50 VIP tickets, and the promoter knew that David Allan Coe was not going to be here.”

Eyewitness News attempted to speak with promoter Jason Giardina on Saturday during the concert. You can see that if you click the video above.

We attempted to contact him again by reaching out to Daviess County Jail Officials to see if he wanted to comment. We were told he declined our request.

“Everybody’s been wanting their money back,” said Hamilton. “And they’re calling whoever the ticket… whoever handled the tickets, and they’re saying the Daviess County Lion’s club owes them money, and that’s not right because we were just the landlord.”

It turns out this may not be the first time fans were left less than entertained.

“He has a history of promoting venues and apparently not following through on what he says is going to do,” Thompson said.

As the confusion now plays out in court, there may be some good news for loyal fans from David Allan Coe’s wife and business manager.

“She indicated she wanted to have a concert here, to make it up for the fans and the people of this community.”

Giardina is expected back in court on Thursday.

He remains in the Daviess County Jail on $25,000 dollar bond.

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