(WEHT)- It’s not unusual to see out-of-state drivers filling up their cars at Kentucky gas stations, drivers like Mark Gentry have been doing it for years. However, the recent surge in gas prices has only made the drive to find cheaper gas more urgent.

Gentry says he’s been struggling recently, especially with prices for everyday necessities like gas and groceries skyrocketing. That makes the Kentucky gas stations, offering prices sometimes 40 cents cheaper per gallon than Indiana gas stations, more appealing to drivers.

But with gas prices still much higher than normal across the Tri-State, leaders are trying to figure out how to mitigate the pain at the pump. President Joe Biden proposed a “holiday” for three months on the federal government’s 18 cents per gallon gas tax. However, the holiday would need to pass an evenly divided Senate and the federal gas tax is just one piece of the larger puzzle, with state governments free to enforce their own gas taxes.

In the Tri-State, state gas taxes range from 26 cents per gallon in Kentucky, to 33 cents in Indiana, to 39 cents in Illinois. But would freezing state and federal gas taxes mean Tri-Staters could see gas prices drop 44-57 cents per gallon? Kelley School of Business assistant professor Andrew Butters says there’s more to gas prices than just the gas tax.

Butters explains that a tax freeze could provide some relief, but it likely wouldn’t be the exact amount of the frozen tax, and freezing the tax doesn’t address the root cause of the high prices: higher demand for a product that hasn’t fully rebounded its supply from the pandemic.

Indiana State Sen. Jim Tomes (R-Wadesville) says consumers and lawmakers alike should look at the bigger issue, the price of gas itself, not the gas tax. Sen. Tomes compared freezing the gas tax to getting 10 percent off a product after prices already went up. Sen. Tomes says that “negates” the ten percent off.

Back at the pump, Gentry says he’d like to see a more long term approach to fixing gas prices, and not a “quick fix.”