While the case of Caleb Loving has ended in a mistrial, more questions have come to the surface. It all centers around an expert court witness, but records show this isn’t the first time Dr. Albert Fink has come under question.

His office is closed, the phone is disconnected, and the cases that Dr. Albert Fink testified in could presumably be in question.

On Wednesday, the prosecution and defense filed a joint motion to request a mistrial in the case against Caleb Loving.

Records show the court received information questioning the accuracy of the report Dr. Fink, a court-appointed forensic psychologist, filed with the court in Loving’s trial.

On Tuesday, Indiana State Police responded to a car accident in Bloomington involving Fink.

The 83-year-old survived the crash after hitting a tree, but troopers believe Fink intentionally left the road.

Because of the facts in the situation, it can presumed that previous cases that Fink testified in – including those that have already been adjudicated– could be in question.

The prosecutor’s office wouldn’t comment – citing an ongoing investigation.

Dr. Fink has been involved in controversy before.

According to Kentucky state records, in 1993 Fink surrendered his license to practice in Kentucky without admitting any wrongdoing.

The state alleged that Fink had been incompetant or negligent and divulged confidential information.

State records show the investigation began after he was found not guilty of battery against a child.

In 1996, records show the Indiana State Psychology Board voted not to pursue disciplinary action against Fink based on those allegations.

It should be noted, records show the American Psychological Association found no wrongdoing by Fink in the Kentucky case.

Because Dr. Fink is one of only a handful of forensic psychologists in the state, it is believed that he testified in cases in many other countries.

While authorities questioned the accuracy of his report in the Loving case, those same questions may be applied to dozens of other cases.

The prosecutor’s office tells Eyewitness News that Loving remains in jail and he will be re-tried.

However, no date for that re-trial has been set.