Reacting to President Biden’s plans involving electric vehicles


EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT)– Climate change, something representatives with Indiana University said could pose a threat to the world we live in if no steps are taken to tackle it.

“We will have coastal areas in the United States inendated by sea level rise. We will have increased incidents of disasters like hurricanes, wildfires, it will be a very challenging world to live in,” environmental economics and policy assistant professor Nikos Zirogiannis said.

President Biden announced Thursday plans that could help it. These plans include working with car manufacturers to get more electric-style vehicles on the roads, with a goal of having these vehicles make up half of car sales by 2030.

“But it’s not enough to address climate change. What is equally important is making sure that the electricity that fuels those electric vehicles is produced through renewable sources,” Zirogiannis said.

Altogether, Zirogiannis said it’s an ambitious goal, but could be doable. Eyewitness News spoke to general sales manager with D-Patrick, Tony Ricketts, about electric vehicles in the tristate.

“I don’t know if we’ll see fifty percent in the next ten years or not but we’re definitely seeing an increase in demand for electric vehicles,” Ricketts said.

Zirogiannis said there is another component that needs to be tackled to ensure this electric vehicle goal goes according to plan.

“They need to ensure that there are enough recharging stations,” he said.

Ricketts said he’s noticing an increase in charging stations across the board, and said these stations help people driving these cars.

“We have a lot of customers that aren’t just commuting fifty miles a day but might commute one hundred or two hundred miles in a given time and they need that reliance of being able to go further,” he said.

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