HENDERSON, Ky (WEHT) – An Evansville man already incarcerated in the Vanderburgh County Confinement Center was charged with promotion of child sexual trafficking after authorities say he used the jail phone to tell a 16-year-old to prostitute herself so he could pay for his bond.

According to a probable cause affidavit, Shyheem Jones, 20, allegedly made several calls from the Vanderburgh County Confinement Center to direct a juvenile to solicit money for his bond. Authorities say Jones provided specific instructions for the underage girl to prostitute herself to an older male for $800. Jones also allegedly told his mother about the plan, and urged her to to text the victim and tell her to hurry up.

During a call on May 11, Jones said the victim would be in a vehicle at the intersection Fourth Avenue and Michigan Street. Police were able to find a vehicle at the intersection matching the description, and the victim was found inside. Police were able to obtain a search warrant for the victim’s phone, where they found texts from Jones’ mother.

Jones was charged with promoting prostitution and promotion of child sexual trafficking. He is currently being held on an $11,000 bond.