Regulations for e-scooters approved


EVANSVILLE, Ind (WEHT)– Some e-scooter regulations were approved at the Board of Public Works meeting. The city of Evansville passed rules for e-scooters during the beginning of the pandemic. Marco DeLucio, corporate counsel for the city of Evansville, said e-scooter related problems the city once faced seem to be resolved.

“There’s been some concern about how the scooters were parked and where they were operating but I think a lot of those issues were ironed out and it appears that most of the operators are complying with the local ordinance,” DeLucio said current rules prohibit electric scooters on the greenway and sidewalks.

City leaders are starting to fine tune current regulations now that the pandemic is tapering off.

“We just really started to enforce the ordinance requiring the applications to be filed and the fees to be paid, ” explained DeLucio.

A few weeks ago Evansville City Council reduced the insurance requirement for e-scooter companies. This is something Rebecca Weaver, a local scooter company operator, has been pushing for.

“It’s unheard of pricing if you did any kind of research,” said Weaver.

Now the Board of Public Works polished the wording of the regulations in place for business owners like Weaver.

“City council passed an ordinance a couple of weeks ago reducing the insurance requirements from a million dollars and five million dollars in the aggregate to a million dollars and two million in the aggregate. So the change today in the documents was to reflect that,” explained DeLucio.

Weaver, owner of the local scooter company called JoypunkZ, said she was having to pay about $120,000 for insurance every year. The new insurance reduction cuts down Weaver’s insurance costs by more than half.

“Making it more viable. It’s the only way you can operate as a operator my size and still be able to carry insurance to help protect the community which is obviously one of our goals,” said Weaver.

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